dinsdag 16 juli 2013

Being Five Years Old

Being a Little Five Year Old Boy can be very hard.
Especially when you have a pair of nagging Parents, a Little Sister that pushes your buttons and a Neighbourhood Friend that is away lots of the afternoons.

He is in desperate need of Summer Holidays.
Four days left.

It is hard to tell him to prepare for events a few days away, or even the day after.
He does not understand how is actions/decisions afflict the outcome.
And he is pushing the boundaries very very hard.

Poor boy.

He was mad at me this morning.
One of his teachers is leaving his group, and is not coming back next year.
I asked Little Man if he wanted to make a gift and he wanted to make a drawing (he said on Sunday).
Yesterday afternoon he wanted to play with his Neighbourhood Friend, but unfortunately he wasn't home so he decided to be a Very Grumpy Boy for the rest of the afternoon.
I tried to remind him that it was his teachers' last day (today) and if he wanted to make something for her, he had to do it yesterday afternoon.
"No. Don't want to" was his response.

And as we went to school this morning and he saw all the other kids with gifts he became mad at me for not having a gift.....

On one hand I thought "Well, then you should have made something when I reminded you!" and on the other hand I felt sorry for him and his little boy brain for not getting the concept of action/reaction.

I left him at school, but stopped over at the flower shop and got a little orchid for the Mrs.
I hope he will be happy to hand it over to her when I am going to pick him up at school (and hopefully he will think of  me as a Good Mommy :) ).

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ah gossie. Hoe vond hij het dat je toch een bloemetje had gehaald?

    1. Dat vond hij een goed idee, maar hij weigerde zijn naam er onder te zetten.....


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