vrijdag 18 juli 2014

She was only 17..

"She" is one of my students...

I watched the news last night and let it all soak in but also minded my own business.
Until someone from school phoned when I was already lying in bed. The first thought that crossed my mind "if someone is calling at this hour something bad has happened".

And it was.

One of my students was in Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 that was shot down in Ukrain yesterday afternoon. She was on her way to her vacation address in Kuala Lumpur. Along with her mother, stepdad and stepbrother.

It is impossible to describe what I felt when I hear the news and what I am feeling today.  It feels like a deep deep hole in my hear.

This morning we took care of her classmates and took care of ourselves, the teachers. We mourned for her loss. Most of us cried, most of us hugged, both teachers and students.

And the news got even worse.

The best friend of the principal was also on that plane.

As was a friend of the daughter of a colleague.

And the training buddy of a colleague.

And the brother of a friend of one of our laboratory assistents.

It was devastating to hear this.

I mourn deeply for all of the people who were on that plane, and feel terribly sorry for all of the family members and friends left behind.

So sorry.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Het is niet te bevatten, zo verdrietig. Sterkte

  2. Het is in-triest, zoveel verdriet voor zoveel verloren onschuldige levens. Sterkte aan iederen die dit van dichtbij moet meemaken.

  3. vreselijk nieuws! zoveel onschuldige levens weggevaagd, zoveel families in rouw!

  4. :-( zo zinloos dat geweld. Zo erg voor deze mensen. Gecondoleerd. Sterkte

  5. I hope the loving thoughts of your readers are some small comfort to you at this very sad time.

  6. That's so sad that a passenger plane gets attacked in the sky. Every other day some or the other country gets into war and now if sky is also not safe then it's difficult rather fear to move around the world. May God give strength to their family and friends.

  7. Sterkte met dit verschrikkelijk oneerlijke verlies!

  8. This hit me straight in the heart even though we are only on the internet friends followers whatever you want to call it I look forward to posts from my blogger "friends" you can get to know peoples personalities and kind of how they are if something upsets them you feel helpless. I have followed the story of the plane and never thought I would know anyone who knew someone that was on it. My heart hurts for you the girls friends and family.

  9. It's incredibly sad and truly shocking. My cousin is a doctor, she works in the area of HIV research and knew some of the scientists on board the flight. I'm so sorry to read how closely this has affected you and my heart goes out to the families. Bethx

  10. Thanks so so so much for your comments. It is still hard to grasp, but the extreme feelings are slowly going away.
    Thanks again. You are all great!

  11. I'm so sorry! My heart hurts for you, my dear.


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