maandag 21 juli 2014

~ Monday Music ~

One of the greatest singers in the world. His voice is so strong and vibrant, even live.
Hail to the best metal singer ever! I grew up with him and it is so sad he passed away in 2010...

The video for this Monday Music is a mix of Last in Line and Holy Diver, THE two most epic Dio songs!
It surprised me to read that this year lots of metal heroes worked together on a full album of Dio covers.  This is one of them, with Corey Taylor the singer of Slipknot (I was amazed from the start, I do not have a thing for Slipknot, but wow, I was blown away!). The benefits of the album proceed to Dio's Stand up and Shout Cancer Funds.

What a man.

1 opmerking:

  1. Ah, cool!
    Ik heb stiekem wel een dingetje voor Slipknot :)
    Ik ken Dio niet (sorry...) maar ga even verder luisteren


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