zondag 30 december 2012

Sunny Winter Day

After a few days that were dictated by broken nights, and days full of very noisy, bossy kids that were only concerned with sibling rivalry and pushing my buttons, something changed yesterday. We got into some kind of swing after a Talk with Little Man. En we went outside to the playground after a hiatus of quite a couple of weeks.

It was such lovely weather.

The Sun was shining so bright, blinding me sometimes, but it was marvelous to stand and close your eyes and get my face warmed by it.

The kids were enjoying themselves with swinging, climbing, sliding and running.


The birds were chattering in our garden upon our return.


And both our cats were enjoying the weather in their own way. A Great Day it was. And I got some sleep, so today feels even better.

I'm off to make a few changes on the blog, and then I am going to finish some crochety ideas.

Tomorrow I will be back with a retrospective post about 2012! The last day of the year is coming....

See you next time!

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