maandag 3 december 2012


The last month of the year has come..
The weather is getting colder, and I want the house to be warm and cozy.

We started to count down to 2013 as I've put up our advent garland (a pattern from Attic24). Little Man was all excited about it since he really understands numbers right now.

I've tested a new recipe from my Pinterest wall. I think it would be nice to unpin a pin every week. I've been pinning like mad the past few weeks, but I think you really need to do something with all these pins.

I made hot chocolate syrup according to this recipe..(sorry completely forgot to put the link here!)

It is absolutely delicious, and so convenient! Just warm the milk and add two tablespoons of the syrup (I did 2.5 tablespoon but we like it more chocolatey). The kids also liked it. It has a bit of bitterness in it and is not too sweet. Hmmm.

I am also naming December my "finishing up" month. Deadlines for school were last week, so hopefully I will have some more time to be crafty and doing new stuff.

One of the new stuff I really want to try is this:

I love wearing my crocheted shawls and scarfs but at the moment I am wearing them time after time in the same way. So, let's get variety!

Today I am wearing a triangular scarf in sort of a "Boa" way. I put the tip of the shawl on my front, two sides behind my neck to the front and twist them around the part of the shawl on the front. Really practical! I also already did an "Infinity" with a normal fabric triangular scarf a couple of weeks ago. I really like the "Bunny Ears!"

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