zondag 16 december 2012

PJ Weekend/Day

Counting down the days until the Christmas Holidays start...

Trying new recipes for the Big Christmas Dinners... I want to make some sweet desserts so we needed to judge the outcome right?

Well, the above pie was not to my taste. Not at all. It is a Vanilla Bean Layer Cake from Sweetapolita, a lovely pie blog. The layers came out of the oven beautifully.  That was a first time for me. My previous layer cakes were nowhere near the height of one layer of this cake. But the taste was not so great, it was a bit blah. The creme au burre tasted too buttery to my liking and the cake was a bit soggy. I was absolutely not impressed and am actually bummed about it. Hopefully I can get hints for adjustment somehwere. In short, recipe # 1 was a fail.

Recipe # 2. Totally excited about the fact my dough was rising and rising and rising. And was rising so extremely well! Absolutely marvelous. And then I made the rolls, let them rise again, put them in the oven, made the glazing, and put some warm on a plate for lunc. Recipe # 2 was an absolute win! These Raspberry Swirl Rolls were heavenly. Nice soft sweet dough, and lovely gooey fruits in the middle of the rolls.

It was an inside weekend. Little Man opened up his last box of Lego. The last present from Sinterklaas. Both men were building with Lego actually. Big Man got a Star Wars X-wing Fighter from Sinterklaas.
Boys will be boys, but they were extremely content putting everything together. And dismantling it again, to build something else ofcourse.

O how I love our Christmas tree. I absolutely adore it with its twinkling lights....

I finally finally got some hooky time this weekend and as you can see my Hidden Triangles Hexagon Blanket is slowly, very slowly growing... I still love it! I am working center out and putting it together in a rather "new" or "unknown before" way with the "join-as-you-go" method. With a twist. I will write up a tutorial on how I work on this blanket because it seems to me this is working up faster than the normal "join-as-you-go" method.

Last but not least I want to thank all the visitors that are popping in from the Zpagetti Facebook Page. The people over there were so kind to promote my Pinwheel Oval rug (can be found here and here) and well, lots of visitors have been stopping by. It is amazing that actually this many people like the rug.
Thank you so much!

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