donderdag 13 december 2012

Growing and growing...


 A new pattern! The Big project I was talking about in a post from about two weeks ago. It is finished! Can you see I tried to make a Very Nice Home Magazine picture? I tried to declutter and tried to kept the kids out of the picture. It failed a bit, and the rug is not completely lying flat. O well. Welcome to our home!

I did kept track of how it was growing and growing...


Before decluttering......

Look at how big the stitches are! I really grew some muscles working on this rug. I am really pleased that I did not got bothered by my tennis elbow, but I have to admit I worked a single round each day. I love this rug.

Of course there is a pattern! I am publishing it a bit different compared to previous patterns. You can see it both online and offline if so to say. Instead of just giving the link to the PDF file I published the pattern in a blogpost and give a link to the PDF file in the same post. I would love to know if you like the new setup so please drop me a note!

Here you can find the pattern: Pinwheel Oval Rug (both in English and in Dutch)

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