zaterdag 8 december 2012

A Day At Work in Pictures

I thought it would be fun to make a follow up to my post last year, about a normal working day for me. But now with pictures!

5.20 AM Time to get up!! I do not  have any pictures of our morning routine. It is soooo busy. Getting dressed, getting the kids dressed, make lunches etc
6.45 Rush out of the door
7.00 Drop kids at our daycare provider

7.15 My tram!
8.00 Walk into the school, and setting up a science lab assignment. My 5th year has to assess the activity of amylase (enzyme) in their spit on maltose, fun!

8.15 Starting Science Lab!

Very busy, so busy, my pupils! They are great kids.

9.15 Break, first coffee of the day
After that I have some time to prepare lessons, check my mail, grade some work and all that stuff.


12.00 Finishing up a Powerpoint for my General Science class about astronomy. I was very pleased with myself, it looked very snazzy.

12.25 Starting my General Science class. The Powerpoint presentation was not very appealing to this class unfortunately...bummer! Need to do some checking and altering.

14.00 My firstyear students come in my classroom. Talking to them about cells!

15.00 Finishing up the amylase assignment with my 5th year. Looking good (measuring absorbance)!

16.00 Meeting for our Open House day in January
17.00 Run out of school to the tram, going home!

18.00 Home, where Little Man has built this fantasy Lego stairs. It is such a creative little man.

18.15 Sitting down for dinner. Home! Big Man made these meat balls. They were lovely!

And that was a normal day for me. It will probably look familiar to other teachers!

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