zondag 23 december 2012

Kitty Talk


The days are seem to be getting quieter for both kitties. Since two days, Mies is starting to enter the living room on her own to have a quick bite. And she is also starting to walk around the room more when Rover is outside. This is new! Normally I had to drag her downstairs and only when Rover was playing outside she would have a quick bite and nestle on the couch directly beside me or Big Man.

Rover does get after her sometimes, but it is not as aggressive as it was. Mies is not urinating anymore when she gets "attacked". It is not really attacking anymore, it is more putting her into her place along the hierarchy I think.

She is such a cutie. Cuddly and talking all of  the time. She sleeps with us all nights.

And sometimes we see this. But mostly we see this because Mies is lying on a lap and Rover wants to join the cuddle fest. She still hisses and growls but it is getting less and less. It has been four months since she has been with us, and I am really glad the cats seem to tolerate eachother (up to a certain point). Mies likes to cuddle with Little Man as well, and sometimes (but only as she is sleeping) she tolerates cuddling from Little Lady. But most of the times the kids are way too noisy for her.

Love her to bits!

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