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How to: Join-two-as-you-go

I promised you a tutorial about the Hidden Triangles Hexagon Blanket, so here we go!
I tried many options to attach motifs together. I have sewn, crocheted and tried the normal " join-as-you-go"  method. Each one has its pro's and con's. I have sewn the triangles of my Triangle Shawl together so that I would not have any bulk around the seams. I have crocheted the squares from my Daisy Doll blanket to give it extra strength.

I have started an African Flower Hexagon Blanket in september 2011 and I used the "join-as-you-go"  method for it but it was soooo boring attaching these motifs, and so much work crocheting with all these colours that it has been in hibernation for almost one and a half years. (Note: I did not make the last round as Heidi described, and my hexagon has an extra ch space on the sides of the hexagon. Her tutorials are excellent though!). I should be ashamed, I know. So for this blanket I really wanted to try something else. Something faster.

For this method you need to make a few finished motifs to keep at hand. Next up, make a motif up until the last round according to the pattern. Place it next to your work (or your first, completed, motif). For this blanket I decided to work from the center outwards, but you can work in rows too.

Start crocheting the unfinished motif and join it to your work as stated in the pattern. This is the normal " join-as-you-go"  part.

Then, when you've finished attaching it to your work, grab a finished motif.

Lay it next to the motif you are working on and start attaching it to eachother according to the pattern.

Here you have it: in one go, you have attached two motifs!

Now, you need to have three sides free for this method, so along your work you will encounter these spaces. Four sides need to be attached of the new hexagon, and two will be free. That is one side short to attach two motifs. These gaps I just fill with a normal " join-as-go"  with one motif.

Here it is, the gap is filled with an orange hexagon.

I am so in love with this method. It makes me able to finish off whole hexagons when I commuting to work, and not having to carry the blanket with me. I just crochet them fully on the road, and attach them at home. I love it!

I am not aware of anyone doing this the same way, but there are probably other people who have figured this out. Crocheters are always coming up with new methods to crochet even faster! I do hope you like this tutorial and will use it on the Hidden Triangles Hexagon Blanket!

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