vrijdag 30 november 2012


Finally! My grading work is done! I am closing my bag for the weekend.

Still, lots and lots and lots of other stuff happening and trying to catch up with me....

What did I accomplish today?

- finished a new design
- finished grading
- got my two fourth year classes being all ears and explaining lots and lots about hemoglobine and oxygen saturation
- prepared the amylase practical class for my fifth year class, everything is at hand for Monday
- freshened up my knowledge of calculating chemistry stuff such as molarity

O, and of course did some teaching, running around, etc.

What I want to do this weekend?

- finish up on Sinterklaas preparations
- work on a BIG project (surprise!)
- work on a new shawl design
- do some housekeeping
- go out with the kids
- cuddle with Big Man
- cuddle with the cats

And last but not least:

Cut and sew about 120 four-patches and start on 126 geese triangles with wings. O dear. I dived into Quiltvilles Mystery Quilt (see right bar on my blog page) "Easy Street". It will be my first time using these small bits of fabric, a first time of using the Easy Angle Ruler and the Companion Angle Ruler, and a first time every Mystery Quilt. What is the fun? I really have absolutely no clue how it is going to turn out. Joy!

Have a great weekend!

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