vrijdag 2 november 2012

I "Own" A Day

This is "my" day.

A colleague of mine has started a photo project two years ago, taking daily pictures of sunrise and sunset. With this pictures she intended to raise money for the education of Tibetan refugee children and her goal is to get the funds needed to educate a full class (30 children) for a whole year.

I cannot explain it better than in her own words:
I’ve always been inspired by 365-days projects. I love the idea of performing a daily task. There’s something very appealing about the discipline it takes. A simple idea, but not so simple to execute. I also believe it’s even greater to combine such a daily project with fundraising, like Sheena Matheiken did with her awesome Uniform Project. I fell completely in love with the whole concept and it was very clear I wanted to start a similar fundraising photo project.
Since I have a thing for Tibet, the country, its people and its culture, and having seen with my own eyes what the Chinese repression means for the people who are still living in Tibet as well as for the refugees in different parts across the Himalaya, the cause was easily found. Being a teacher myself I also believe in the enormous power of education, so the cause was further defined into sending Tibetan refugee children in India to school. I found an organization in India called Tibetan Children’s Villages (TCV) that does just that.
Last month, the project came online and we were invited to buy either photo's, donate or "own a day".
I really love these pictures, and I've seen her taking them, so it was a matter of time to decide either to buy pictures or own a day. I decided to own one day, my birthday, and maybe in the future order the pictures.

It is for a good cause, and all raised money goes to the Tibetan Children's Villages, and hopefully these kids get great education with this money.

If you want to see the project for yourself, please go to The Dawn & Dusk Project

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