woensdag 14 november 2012

Tender, Love and Care

It is really starting to get cold around here. In the evenings I like to cuddle beneath a quilt and I dug up my winter cowl from my shawl collection for outside trips. Brrrr, cold.

Another thing that I associate with Fall and Winter is my skin yelling at me. Screaming even.

"Moisturize Me!"

I can get away without day cream/hand cream/lip balm during summer, but once Fall really kicks in my skin starts getting dry, cracking and getting itchy.

Crocheting with acrylic yarn becomes a real task for me when that happens. Unwinding the yarn again and again on my left hand fingers because it catches all the time. Annoying.

After a few years I have my Holy Grail when it comes to moisturizing creams. After years of trying different brands I've gone back to the one cream my mother always used for her face: Oil of Olaz/Olay. Love it. For my hands I tried everything natural under the sky, trying to avoid silicones, petrolatum, paraffin and other "bad stuff", just as I've done (and still do) for my hair. I've come to one conclusion: silicones in hand/face creams are not that bad at all. My hands and face are suffering so much during winter that it really protects my skin. All the natural stuff I really had to put on multiple times a day, and with diaper changes, cleaning and crocheting it was just not efficient at all. With the brands in the picture above (especially the "Purol", I love it!) I only have to use it once a day and it does not stay greasy for long.

So right now: very happy hands!

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