donderdag 1 november 2012

Neat and Tidy

After working through loads and loads of laundry (still not finished), sorting out clothes, emptying closets and cleaning them, I thought it would be the best moment to look at my fabric stash. I keep it in plastic bins, but for a while plastic bags were piling up and top lids would just not close anymore...
On Tuesday, I saw this post on my blog feed by Quiltville. How to fold your fabric stash. The timing could not have been any better!
These four bins were just overflowing and I really hope to make a huge dent in my stash this winter. I have lovely fabrics, and I really should be using them.

First off, I sorted the types of fabric. One bin with satins, stretch and knitted fabrics. It fitted perfectly! The other bin contains leftovers of bondaweb and batting. And a bit of materials for locker hooking. There was room left in the bins!

Next, I sorted all my cotton fabrics by color, making piles according to their background colour. I have lots of scrappy fabrics and all-over print fabric so I just looked at the background.

Then came the real "lesson in stash folding". I measured my bin, decided how many piles I wanted in a bin and folded my fabrics according to the measurement I got. Look at how tidy it is!

There it is. Done. I got all my yardage into one bin. In the top bin I put all of my scraps and my precious fat quarters and the one panel fabric I have. Plus some cotton shirts.

From four overflowing bins to three and a half sorted bins!

Meet my next victim..... My yarn stash! I am planning on doing the same thing as with my fabric stash. Use it. And buy nothing. I have lots of plans, and I think I can get a lot done this winter.

I really do hope that I can get my fabric stash down by half of its size and hopefully I can use up so much yarn that my shelves will look tidy.

This means: make blankets, make a quilt, produce some patterns and use leftovers. It seems like it is going to be a crafty winter!

I am really considering participating in the mystery quilt that Bonnie from Quiltville is starting at the end of November. I have never done anything like that, but if it means I can use up some fabrics (and not have to buy much) than it would be fun.

P.S. If you are waiting on the last part of the crochet course, please please please be patient! I am waiting on something I need for finishing my practice pattern. My yarn/fabric/sewing machine shop was out of a certain thing so I have to wait till it is in stock. I hope to visit another store tomorrow to see if they have it. I will post as soon as possible once the practice pattern and the lesson is completed.

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