maandag 5 november 2012

Autumn and Cozy

The blankets are getting used again... They are so nice and comfy, warm and cuddly. I love them. The kids as well as you can see. They crawl underneath it, play ghost and hide-and-seek and just drop it to do something else. I really like it that they are loving the blankets.

I am still working on the practice pattern for the double crochet. I was able to go to the local fabric store and got a tiny piece of the stuff I needed. They are still waiting on an order, so I got a bit with a lot of discount. I am hoping to have it finished on Wednesday or Thursday!

Since it was raining and raining yesterday afternoon, I pulled the play tent out of the closet. The kids absolutely were thrilled and they amused themselves for quite a bit with crawling after eachother through and around the tent.

And the rain also made me decide it was the Best Time to bake cookies. Peanut butter cookies to be precise. They are absolutely delicious! I will post the recipe with metric amounts and a lactose free twist in a bit. *And here it is!*

Big Man has left the house for a week for a course abroad, so I gave him a box full of cookies to enjoy. This means also that I am home alone for a whole working week, which is a bit stressy, but hopefully it'll be going great. I also hope to sneak in some crafty time every evening. I need to finish stuff!

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