maandag 6 augustus 2012

Really need to finish this quilt!

Yes, you read it right.

I also quilt. Not regularly, it's only my third one. But this one.... It has been on the top of my desk since.... let me think... April?

I have given myself a deadline. It really needs to be done in three weeks. Done before school begins! Done before the first colder September days begin and TWO kids will be fighting over the single quilt that is lying on the couch. This quilt is a Scrappy Bargello after a pattern from Quiltville. The top is made from floral fabrics and is going to have the size of an oversized afghan (probably about 75"x75").

So today, the first day that has been a bit normal after the holidays (but still not normal but that is a story for tomorrow maybe), I looked for the fabrics in the attic, got my rotary cutter, my mat and my "how-to-quilt" book to cut borders.

So I cut an inner border and an outer border, and hopefully I can get some sewing machine time tomorrow. I need to go the store to get me some needles and thread for the quilting itself, but I need to pick up a few things in the same street, so no problem!

I need to sew sew sew!

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