donderdag 16 augustus 2012

Preparation Time

Whilst being busy with knitting, crocheting and knitting in my spare time, I have been trying to sneak in some time to read up for the coming school year.

The plan is that I get a whole new grade this year, but I have had no confirmation about it yeat. But I like to be prepared this year. Last year I went through fourth grade for the first year, but I was really unprepared and juggling with working hours and all the tasks at home. I could not find enough time to sit down and prepare properly. I wrestled through last year, so with this experience in the back of my head, my "Biology" from Campbell made a trip to Texel, has been read a bit, and now I am picking it up again. I am reading up on cells, cellular transport and respiration, taxonomy and a bit about evolution.

It is quite fun actually.

I do have to explain this. I am not a true biologist. I am a medical biologist. I know lots of the human body and diseases. But I do not know enough about hardcore biology such as taxonomy or ecology. I have never had those subjects during my university years. Biomedical sciences is about cellular processes, genetics, pathology and physiology.

But now, as I am reading this book after starting teaching (yes, the last time I picked this book up was 7 years ago), so much stuff makes sense to me. Teaching biology has made me understand more.

So, for the coming week and a bit I am sorting through my papers and studying for two different grades. Wish me luck!

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