donderdag 30 augustus 2012

Hair Challenge!

I asked on Facebook the other day much interest there would be for a Hair Challenge among my friends. There were quite a few who had the same problem as me: a hair rut.

I grab my ficcare almost every morning and do a JJJ Pretzel bun:

So easy, so sturdy. But I really have to do more with my hair. I started using fake flowers in my hair combined with a high bun and sometimes twisted side parts, and I got so much compliments on my 'do! Especially men seem to notice you've done your hair, really.

So I wanted a Challenge and I want to make you part of it. I am going to follow the same rules, but I am going to learn 2 new styles.

These are the "rules":
- You need to have hair and some basic hair accessories such as claw clips, scrunchies, ties, or big clips. And a comb.
- Choose one new hairstyle and try to make it with your hair once or twice in the upcoming week (till next Friday). Just try.
- Make a picture of your updo, post it on the "Zomaar Een Dag" facebook page (or on my personal page), on your own blog and post your findings/link in a comment in this blog post or the blog post with my own newly learned updo's. Please share!

Ban the everyday hairstyle you do every day. It does not matter how long your hair is, because I am going to help you with some inspiration. I will post You Tube videos for shoulder length hair, for about bra-strap length and longhair length (waist and longer).

Who's in?

Here are some video's to get you started!

Shoulder length hair (or longer)

Bra-strap length (or shorter or longer)

I think there are enough styles in this video to keep you entertained!

 Longhair Length 

I like this a lot! But I think I am going to do this updo!

And I am definately going to try this one!

Have fun, and I really hope to see your updo's and maybe you find a nice updo that isn't shown here I would love to learn to do with my own hair!

See you next week in the Hair Challenge post!

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