woensdag 29 augustus 2012


Yesterday I started itching. Really itching. Weeks and weeks I was getting annoyed at the state of our attic. Over the course of a few months outgrown cloths and baby stuff piled up in there and was really getting in the way. Every now and then we really need to declutter the whole house. We started last year getting into the swing of a weekly declutter evening, but we got lazy. So papers, boxes and other stuff started to pile up again.

I brought Little Man to school and headed to the attic with Little Lady yesterday morning. I got her some toys and I looked at, well, THE MESS.

It was terrible. Almost did not want to take a picture, but I did it anyway, to keep it as a reference....

Well. As you can see we are not really tidy persons. We try, but life catches up too quickly to put extra time into tidying the house.

But after some 20 minutes of furiously sorting, putting in boxes and rearranging stuff it looks like this:

Much better! I still have too vacuum the bags with baby clothing (those you can suck the air out) and put them in a better place. Books need to be brought to a thrift shop, boxes have to be looked at and closets still have to be checked. But, we have walking space again! Hopefully, in the near future, all the baby stuff can be reused by someone else...

Decluttering the attic also meant I had to declutter the room on the same level. This is our working room with computers, books/school papers and my craft stuff.

I started with my school papers this morning and got a lot of work done.

Mies walked in a couple of times to see what I and Little Lady were doing. Mighty interesting business!

I started by sorting old papers to their respective class. So first grade, third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade. First grade is also sorted by subject. I need to do fourth grade tomorrow and get the first subject ready!

Such a lovely feeling if something is really going my way. Clearing the house means also clearing my head. I still want to investigate Fly Lady, and I think this is the right time to do some major thinking about how to cope household chores. It is such a big issue in this house, so we really need to think how we can tackle it. Older and wiser right? I have big hopes for the future!

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