woensdag 8 augustus 2012

A New Kid In Town

Back in 2003, when Big Man and I fell in love, there were big plans for the future. One of the things we talked extensively about were pets. I am a major cat/animal lover, I grew up with them at home. Over the years we had three cats, two hamsters and two rats at my parents house. I really missed something furry while I was in university, and at that time I had a boyfriend who was majorly allergic and asthmatic for anything with fur. So I thought there would never be any furry pet at all in the future. Then, I met Big Man.

In 2004, as our relationship grew more seriously, we started talking about living together and if we should get some pets. Big Man did not have any real pets during his childhood, but he liked cats. Then the time came, and we found an appartment, and we looked around on the net for two small kitties.

We found a message from a farmer who had a nest full of kittens and there were a few left. There was a picture with 8 kittens and they were adorable. After a week or two we went to visit them and we chose a tortoiseshell female kitty and a red tabby male kitten. A brother and sister!

When they were 12 weeks old we picked them up, and since we did not have a car at the time we traveled with public transport to our home. That was a bus (the tortie got car sick, poor thing, and threw up), train, and another bus.

And so, two kittens got into our home! The red tabby was called Rover and the tortie got the name Krummel.

They were inseperatebly. They loved eachother, cuddled eachother, but sometimes smacked eachother. Rover is a very calm, very talkative and cuddly cat. Krummel was (yes, was, I will tell the story up next) a quiet, small human lover who liked to stick her nose into everything you were doing and followed you around the house.

They grew up, and got to move with us to a bigger house. Then this noisy human boy came into their life, but they liked Little Man from the start.


Aren't they lovely?

Unfortunately, Krummel passed away past January. Last summer, she started sneezing. The vet thought she was having some allergic reaction to something. She got on medication but it did not help. After that, her breathing slowly got more raspy and she developed a lump next to her nose that grew immensely. The lump also pushed away her eye. Some antibiotics helped, but after stopping the lump got back two times..... She lost weight immensely. It was hard to see her like this. Still is. In January she started hiding and every time I got back from work I checked where she was and if she was still alive. In the end, we decided to put her down. Life was no good to her anymore.

I still mis her. And so did Rover. He really was lonely. So we decided that when we got back from vacation we would look into adopting a kitten from the animal shelter.

The animal shelter in our town is also a animal motel. Rover spent our vacation there, and when we went picking him up, we brought an extra travel basket.

There was one kitten, but it was advised by the people there not to take this one since he was a scratchy kitty. But in the rescue area there were several one year old cats.

And we fell in love.....

She is a calico one year old cat. She came from a house with 36 other cats and has had a nest. She was really scared the first two days and got into several (short) fights with Rover. We do not have any experience with two adult cats getting to know eachother so we thought it would be best to slow down the whole process. We rushed it a bit too much probably to keep them into the same room immediately. We decided to keep them apart most of the time and yesterday evening she went downstairs for a short time while Rover was in our bedroom to exchange smells. Today was the first day she liked to get some pets and some cuddles. We are going to take it slow. We also decided on a name for this little madam. She is going to be called Mies.

She is very cute and playful! We are going to watch and see what happens the coming week....

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  1. Lief <3!! Mijn vriend en ik gaan per 31 augustus samenwonen en willen op den duur ook een kat (eerst moet de huisbaas ons vertrouwen om een kat te hebben...). Jullie brengen de katten dus naar een dierenpension wanneer jullie op vakantie gaan (want de vakantieperiode lijkt me zogezegd het lastigst, je moet toch iemand vinden om voor je beestjes te zorgen)?

  2. Hoi Selma,
    Wij brengen ze inderdaad naar een dierenpension, in ons plaatselijk dierenasiel. Dat is tot nu toe twee keer gebeurd. Dus het geld wordt goed gebruikt daar! De keren daarvoor paste een vriend of vriendin wel op maar dat waren maar een tweetal of drietal daagjes maximaal. De twee keer dat onze poes(zen) in het pension gezeten was voor een week en twee weken. Heeft jullie huisbaas regels over huisdieren? Kan in een contract opgenomen zijn!

  3. Ja, er staat in het contract dat het houden van één kat bespreekbaar is. Dus dat betekent dat we eerst zijn vertrouwen moeten winnen.

    1. Goed nieuws dus :) heb je al een tactiek? ;)


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