vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

Another Week

This week went by so fast! Really fast. Little Man went back to school this week and he is absolutely thrilled to be back in his class and with his friends. On the other hand, he is so so tired. Such a little guy....

To give you an idea how my week went, I present you: a few pictures!


 Monday I tried to finish my first half of quilting the bargello top. I finished it wednesday actually, but it looks so nice. I am very happy with the quilting pattern I chose. Today I started quilting in the opposite direction. Every fabric blok will have a square grid/pattern in it. I love it! I had so much doubts with this quilt, but I am very happy to say that I love it now.


Fruit day! It was a lovely sunny day and the Little Peeps and I went to the older part of our city to pick up our fruit subscription. We ate the three apples that were in there. They were very fresh. We had an abundance of fruits this week because there were prumes in the bag, but we also got a lot of prumes from my father in law. Yum!


This is actually a picture from Tuesday, but on Wednesday the kids and I enjoyed leftovers from the pasta salad from the evening before. It tastes so much better a day later. I always make the same pasta salad and I posted the recipe over here on my blog.

Both kitties are starting to get used to eachother. A bit. There is still hissing and growling from Mies towards Rover, but they seem to tolerate each other more in the same room. Little steps.



It started to get a bit cooler in the evenings so I thought it was time for a nice cup of "Eikeltjeskoffie" with lots of foamed milk. Lovely!

I also started writing out a pattern. I have an almost finished shawl, so it was really time to take my scribbly notes and put them into Word. Mies was lying beside me and thought it was fun to softly bite me in my arm and play with my fingers and the elastic of my notebook. Although she is one year old, I think she has a lot of playing to catch up. She already has had kittens, but she is so playful since she came to live with us, so probably is trying to make up for the time she was pregnant.


Winter is coming! Time for "Endive Stew" as a translation website calls it. Another says "endive mash pot". We call it "stamppot'", mashed potatoes with endive or kale or onions and carrots. We make endive mash pot with smoked sausage, pieces of bacon and piccalilly. And pieces of cheese. We love love love these dishes. With 'we' I mean myself, Big Man, and Little Lady. Little Man hates these kind of stews. He really does not want to eat it. Big Man told me that eating these kinds of stews is not "normal" in other countries such as USA. That these vegetables, endive It is typically Dutch. And a typical winter food. Soon we will be eating "stamppot" once a week. Already looking forward to it.

Have a nice weekend and see you soon!

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