dinsdag 14 augustus 2012

After rain comes....


Did you see all the rain yesterday morning? I crossed my fingers and hoped it would stop in the afternoon. I really wanted to go outside with the kids....

Our cats are still not very friendly to eachother. We kept them seperate for a week. Mies is used to both me and Big Man, she lets us pet and cuddle her, but Rover is still too much for her. She hisses and growls if he sits in front of our bedroom door. We decided to put the door open and let him sniff around and look at her. On Sunday (and today) they fought together because Rover wants to go to her to smell her I think, but she will not allow it. Hopefully it will get better.

So, grumpy kids, grumpy cats. Luckily the sun started to shine in the afternoon. After lunch I grabbed everything we needed and we biked to 't Geertje, a lovely petting zoo.

Little Man was mesmerized by this chicken with her little chicks. He could come very close and she would allow it. The little chicks are adorable with all the stripey backs!

We drank and ate a bit at 't Geertje and went back home. It was nice and warm in the backyard so I pulled out the summery toys for the kids.


With this heat, they love to play with water. 

It was a lovely day.

Today I had day of me-time. The kids are (as we speak) at the babysitter, playing with their best friends.

That means: Crafty time!

I sandwiched my quilt on Sunday, and had a chance to admire it on Monday (I had to do the sandwiching quick quick quick).

I had so much doubt about the fabric choices I made for this quilt, but after sewing the inner border and the outer border to the top, I fell in love with it. No more doubts about it! It is perfect. I wanted it to be a bit English cottage style, but without pastels and dark/light contrast.

Yesterday I wound a few bobbins with the help of Little Man, so today I could start quilting my sandwich.

I went "out of the ditch" for the first time. One of the ladies at De Witte Engel advised me to quilt at a 1/4" distance from the seam both vertical and horizontal. When its done, all the squares will have a sort of a quilted frame. Also, I bought a coloured thread for the first time. On my first two I only used cream thread, because it felt very safe. On this one I use a light pink thread. It looks neat!

This morning when I looked out the kitchen window I saw a thrush sitting in the bushes in our garden. There were three of them rummaging through the dead leaves looking for snails and worms. I have never seen them this close, so I ran for my telelens and took this picture.

And last but not least, in between putting laundry away in the closets, sipping coffee, and loading the washing machine, I wrote down a new type of sock heel for the Sailor Socks I am knitting for Big Man. I wanted them to knit in the same colour as the toes, but I did not know what kind of heel would work. So after some sock research, the books tell me to make a "short row heel with a mini gusset". Well, I will try! I had to rewrite a pattern from a book to get it right for the amount of stitches I am using for the Sailor socks. Hopefully it will work.

Another busy-days post, but they were/are very nice busy days.

'Till next time!


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