vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

Friday Find: Say "yes" to the Dress!


If you were to give advice to someone who wanted to crochet their wedding or special occasion dress, what would tell them?
Things that look really big and complicated are often made of really simple things. I’m an architect and I think crochet work is similar to masonry. Bricks are very simple, inexpensive objects (putting them together is also easy) but they can used to build very beautiful, complex, inspiring buildings. Similarly the dress looks complex and difficult but crocheting is fairly easy and very low-tech, and each stitch I used for my dress is quite simple. If you’re patient and take it one step at a time you can make pretty much anything.

Isn't it stunning? I think half of the crochet community have ooh'd and aah'd  at the sight of this dress as it went viral the past week. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Is hij niet supermooi? Ik denk dat de halve haakwereld enorm heeft zitten kwijlen bij deze foto's toen ze voorbijkwamen op het internet de afgelopen week. Zoooo mooi!

Has it been done before? Yes! There are quite a few patterns out there for the not-so-adventurous crocheters as Chi who designed her own dress. Here are a few:

Deze jurk is niet de eerste in zijn soort. Er zijn er meer! Hier zijn een paar voorbeelden met patronen voor de niet-zo-avontuurlijke haaksters zoals Chi die haar eigen jurk ontwierp:



Soooo who is thinking of buying loads of yarn and tiny hooks after these finds? Let me know! 

Happy Weekend!

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