vrijdag 31 oktober 2014

Friday Find: I want to Quilt!

My hands are itching. Along with the crochet zen vibe came a certain stirring in the quilt area of my brain....

My goal was to finish two quilt tops this year. One is done, minus the border. The other one is still waiting. The start of the patching is in the pic above....

Source: Jo's country junction

Source: 356 days and other ramblings

That would be my Easy Street mystery quilt from Quiltville. I adore Bonnie's patterns! I started out with the first clue but stopped after that because I just could not wrap my head around flying geese. Maybe this year I will understand?  This Mystery is from november/december 2013 and the book the pattern can be found is over here (it's "More adventures with leaders and enders"). I am going to dig up the clues and see where all the fabric has gone to! And if you like, there will be a new Mystery hosted by Bonnie at the end of this year!

I know quilting is very labor intensive, but just as long as the patchwork is done, I will be very happy!

Any other quilters out there? Who is your favorite designer? Are you currently working on a quilt?

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