maandag 15 september 2014

On & Off the Hook 9/15

It feels to me I have been piling up FOs. Yay! The past two weeks have been filled with weaving in ends, snipping off tidbits of yarn and dreaming about finished patterns. Lots of yarny goodiness... Ready to wear!

And the funny thing is, million of new ideas are popping up whilst weaving in those darn yarn ends. Millions of new ideas!

I try to stick close to a certain list of old ideas and hopefully my mind and my fingers can catch up with all the patterns needed to be written.

It feels so nice. I am finishing up abandoned WIPs. Poor things. They have been laying a year, a year and a half in my yarn closet. I really should be ashamed, don't I? I just lost interest somewhere down the road (I think you probably know what I mean!). I needed to kick my ass and get it done. One down. Three to go!
My to-do list for now:

One pair of crocheted socks (somewhere in a box)
One cotton shawl (somewhere in a bag)
One bunting ready to wear and one to assemble (boy and girl bunting free pattern !)
A big big blanket made of the yarn from the Dutch CAL blanket. Yes, you read it right. I frogged it.. I just wasn't into it anymore! (I know it's going to take a year to finish this one.... )

I give myself a deadline of a month to finish off the socks and the bunting. Go me!

What's on your hook?

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