woensdag 5 juni 2013

One year ago...

I released my Setting Sun pattern.

Within minutes I sat astonished behind my laptop, gazing at the amount of views it got once I posted it on Ravelry. I was shocked.

I had no idea it would be that popular (in my humble opinion, I am no way as popular as Kim Guzman to name a famous crocheter), but it felt so great to hear the positive feedback on this pattern.

It was my first big shawl pattern ever.

Now, it has been downloaded a gazillion times (I think), and as far as I know, it has been made at least 15 times, according to my Ravelry pattern entry.

So this is what I did this weekend: I asked all the Ravelers who made this shawl if they were okay with me featuring their shawl.

And they were.

Here they are, the Setting Suns in their different sizes, weights and colours!!

Thank you all so much for giving me feedback and enjoying the pattern!

Cymraecrochet's version, in hot pink!

Twirlygig chose a yarn with lovely long colour changes

Fairisle made it in a lovely blue variegated yarn

Jacintae also chose long colour changes but this is a stunning grey/blue version (she actually made TWO Setting Suns..)

Angelof9 made it of the same yarn I used, but she added a few rows

This was Greekphotoguy's first blocking experience, the result is stunning!

Liamsmama Setting Sun was the first shawl that I saw that was made of the pattern!

And last but not least

Leilacnm's pastel version

And for those of you who are itching to make this shawl, here is the pattern!

Have a great evening!

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