donderdag 13 juni 2013

Busy Fingers Showing Off! Link Party #3

Last week's Party was a small one, but fun nonetheless!!

Here is the top 3 most clicked links:

Number 1

alt="Blooming Flower, crochet sun hat, granny summer hat, chapéu para o sol em crochet"

 Ana's Blooming Hat @ Days of Yarning

Number 2

Number 3


I hope you all had fun visiting eachother, grab your feature buttons and thank you so much for linking up!

Let's go to Link Party #3...

I am putting YOU in the spotlight.

I would love to see a party in which lots of creative arts are going to be shared with the world. But I want it to a bit differently.

In most link parties you see Finished Objects (FOs) but not Works In Progress (WIPs). I want to change that because I think the road to the end result is just as important as finishing a project. Maybe even more important because you can learn so much from creating something.

I would love to see you all share Works in Progress, maybe opening up discussions on the project itself and the techniques that have been used. Maybe get a few tips or some great ideas.

I would also invite you all to share your FOs, from all crafty areas. Being it paperwork, embroidery, cooking, crochet, knitting, quilting, whatever. As long as it is creative and has come from Your Fingers!

To party along there are a few basic “rules”:

Please post the link to your actual blog post, not your homepage. Any project page is allowed, so Flickr/Yahoo Groups/Tumblr, it does not matter as long as it shows a project that has been made by you.

Please follow me on my blog or Facebook and grab the link party button and post it on your website/blog. I will gladly follow you back!

Please visit the two or three links above your link and leave a comment. Let’s party together!

Please no Etsy Stores, advertizing or other link parties.

Next week I will feature the top three most visited links and I will Pin your project on my Pinterest wall.

Have fun visiting eachother and have a party! Get yourself noticed!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Great projects and how kind of you to feature them. :-)

    1. It's a pleasure actually! Thank you for your compliment :)

  2. Hoi Barbara, lief van je om me uit te nodigen voor je link-party! Ik ga je blog zeker volgen :-)

  3. Hey Barbara

    The Baby cardi is very sweet. Wish you a pleasant weekend. Thanks for the invitation.

  4. Leuk, hier ook een link-party! Ik doe mee hoor!

    Groetjes van Ellebel

  5. Ik ben ook gek op link-partys, je zult mij hier heel vaak vinden! Leuk!

  6. Gezellig!!! The more the merrier!


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