zaterdag 22 juni 2013

Mixed Up Weather

What did you think of the Weather last week? It was fickle, wasnt't it? We've had hot and sunny, hot and cloudy, damp and rainy, we had all of it! In the morning it was really hard to make a decision how to dress for the whole day!

But I have enjoyed the dry weather we had. It was lovely to be in the garden because when it's sunny it is mostly too dry and hot for little creatures to show up, but damp and hot was a perfect combination for little animals! Not for humans though.


I had to think up a new hairdo for Little Lady to get her hair out of her neck and this type of ponytail got most of her hair out of the way instead of sticking to her face all sweaty!

And one day it was just too HOT to eat anything warm so I made up a salad from scratch and added some little treats tapas style. It was yummy. Just a salad with avocado, little tomatoes, cucumber and a honey mustard sauce, bread with tapenade and some pre made tapas. Yum yum.

And here is Terror Mies as I like to call her now. She also liked the weather because of the visitors we had in the garden:

Victim number one: a little toad. He rescued himself.


Victim number two: a small froggy, who I rescued from the claws of Mies. He tried desperately to get away from her, so I grabbed him and put him in the bushes. Little Man now knows the difference between a toad and a frog, and I showed him how he could grab them gently and how to not distress him. A lesson I learned from my parents I now passed on to the next generation. So cool.

And I thought "Well, what are the odds of two days in a row to find an amphibian in the garden?"

Meet victim number three: 

This frog was a bit bigger! But beautiful, really beautiful spots and stripes. We decided to put him in the bushes at the playground behind our house.

We've had them before and I always wonder how on earth they come to our garden because the nearest pond is far far away!


We also had a lovely visit from my mother-in-law and she handed me an old edition of Sobotta's Atlas of Human Anatomy in German. "Sobotta" as it is called in short is a concept I knew from my university years, every medicine student had to buy this atlas so I am very happy that she gifted it to me. It is a  marvelous atlas!

On the crochet front I am very, very busy making up stuff/stashbusting my ass off! It doesn't show here, because I want it to be a surprise but hopefully in the next two weeks, when most of the grading of term week is done (it starts this Monday, EEK!) I hopefully have some time to write up a few patterns. Free patterns that is! They were fun to make, so I hope you will as well.

Lots of colours, perfect for summer projects :)

I will keep you posted and I wish you all a very nice weekend!

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