maandag 24 juni 2013

Monday Music

Next to being creative and playing with yarn I have another big love.
The love of music.

I played recorder and guitar (both classical and electric) for years and I always loved it.

My parents listened a lot to music, lots of different genres and different types of music.

I really learned a lot about bands, singers, instruments, rythms and classical music!

But my first musical heroes are a couple of "old" guys (they are getting grey!).

Tomorrow I am going to see them together with Big Man and a friend of ours and I am excited about it. 
It has been such a long time since I have seen them live! It will be a great show.

The band my dad and my uncle were very fond of and the band I have "inherited" from them! 

Iron Maiden, in their younger years.

So I will be "headbangin' " tomorrow and trying to get a glimpse of Bruce Dickinson, the front man and singer. I still have such a teenage crush on him :)

P.S. I am thinking of making this a recurrent topic every monday, it will cover a lot of different music styles! And I think, as I do myself, a good song cheers up a dull Monday!

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  1. I only listen to music in my car for 15 minutes twice a day. I'm always thrilled when they play a song of one of my favourite singers, like joe cocker. :-) What's more I have an Amy MacDonald cd I listen while cleaning the house and of course flying sky high. Have a nice day! Regula


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