vrijdag 21 juni 2013

Google Reader and Bloglovin'


You've probably heard the news: Google Reader is going to stop on the 1st of July.
I see numerous posts popping up about this topic during the last few days.
I too have something to say about it, but I want to formulate it a bit different.
Because it is not that bad, or something terrible. Really, it is not!

There isn't going to change a thing if you are a blogger. You can still use your Blogger Dashboard to read your favorite blogs. This will not end. Google Friends Connect will also stay for those of you who blog. The little block with your followers will stay just as it is.

It will all change if you are a blog reader without a blog. If you are using Google Reader to read your favorite blogs you will have to find another medium to follow them.
You can use e-mail subscription or other reader options such as Bloglovin' (my favourite, very easy and a nice layout) or Big Man's favourite Feedly.

Whatever you do, please be aware if you are in the last category that you only have about a week to import your blogs into another medium.

If you are a dear reader of my blog, I would love if you come along with me to Bloglovin! Just click on the box in the right hand side bar and follow me @ Bloglovin'.

Have a great evening and hopefully see you tomorrow!


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