woensdag 12 juni 2013


I've been MIA for about a week in blogland, but I am back!

Work life has been crazy hectic, but I am happy to say I am 100 % back at work, teaching all of my lessons.

It is only five more weeks till Summer vacation, so it is possible that my posting will be a bit more irregular due to piles of work to grade....Exam week is almost here....

My last personal post is from 3rd of June, and the days after that were really busy, but in a nice way and very  productive. I had some lovely events in between, so I enjoyed those busy days!


We've fully enjoyed the beautiful weather last week, rummaging around in the garden and Little Lady and I made our first homemade popsicles ever. 


Mies enjoyed lots of playing around with the neighbourhood cat and it is so much fun to watch! They really like eachother. In the bottom picture you see them together sitting under our bench (Mies in the front, neighbourhood cat in the back).

Summer weather equals sitting and playing outside and it was absolutely wonderful being in the garden for the whole day and enjoying the Sun. Our popsicles (lactose free) were a hit. They were very very delicious. I will share the recipe with you soon!

Thursday evening is my usual sporty evening (read: alone time!) but I had such a stiff shoulder. My muscles weren't cooperating and I could not turn my head completely to the side so I decided not to go to power yoga class. But I needed to get out of the house for some quality time and clearing my head so I got out and made a nice long walk.


It was so nice to walk in the Evening Sun and I took along a book and sat at the waterside. Absolutely lovely.

I came home fully refreshed and had finished my book.  


While walking up to our street a magpie chick was sitting on the road and did not want to move out of the way for some cars so I gently chased it so that it would hide under the nearest shrubbery... It was scared... Hopefully it is still alive and being fed by its mum and dad....

See you soon:) and in case you haven't seen it yet: I have started a giveaway party in celebration of reaching 100 likes on my Facebook Page and tomorrow it is time for another episode of the "Busy Fingers Showing Off!" Link Party!

I wish you all a great day!

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  1. Thank you so much for coming over to visit at The Linen Cat blog and for, in turn, introducing me to yours - so many lovely posts to read! I hope your stiff shoulder gets better soon and you can get back to yoga - sounds like a lovely walk though. Beth/thelinencat

    1. Hi Beth,
      Thanks for stopping by! I really like your blog so it is a treat to see your comment over here. My shoulder is doing fine actually, so tomorrow I'm back on the yoga mat :)

  2. Heerlijk om te lezen deze blogjes met foto's!

    1. Ja, dat was echt wel weer een keer nodig, zo'n berichtje maken!


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