vrijdag 1 maart 2013

Wooden Doll House Furniture

Yesterday afternoon, there was a knock on the door.
The Mail Man.
With a package from Germany.
I literally jumped in the air and squealed with pleasure!
The package we (my parents and Big Man and I) waited for about a month, with the presents for Little Lady's birthday.
Furniture for her dollhouse! 

For her first birthday, all the grandparents got her a Holzkram dollhouse. It is huge, sturdy and o so beautiful.
Big Man and I also started to collect a Buntspechte family, some Buntspechte animals, and we got our first Ostheimer animal (the dalmatian in the picture).

But no furniture yet, so you can imagine the house was bit empty.
But come her second birthday it seemed the best oppurtunity to collect Grimm's furniture as it seems to be the most fitting for this dollhouse (and they have such beautiful puzzles!).
That was quite an adventure!
In the Netherlands it is hardly sold anymore compared to a few years ago. So we went to look at German webshops (Grimm's is originally from Germany).
But then another problem arised: Grimm's is updating and rearranging its catalogue, so lots of stuff is either sold out and won't come back or it had long delivery time.
We did find a webshop, but it had the same problems, waiting and waiting for Grimm's to deliver the ordered items.
But here they are. They are So Beautiful. I am really happy we decided for both kids to get some brands of wooden toys in the house (we also have HABA blocks/marble track and Brio trains).

Little Man decided the washing machine should stand in the attic, just as in our own house haha.

Bathroom with tub, toilet and washing bowl.

Living room with book case and a goose running wild!

Clearly we got some anarchy in the kitchen as kitchen sink is thrown over! On the right a fridge and oven. And a table.

They were thrilled. I am too.
And while I am typing this, Little Lady is playing very contently with all her new wooden beauties! Happy things.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een leuke meubeltjes! Dat was het wachten wel waard!

  2. What a darling little house! I loved my dollhouse when I was growing up; I can imagine that your children are having tons of fun with it. All the new furniture looks beautiful and really well built!

  3. @Petra, het is heel mooi spul!
    @Ashley it feels so smooth and sturdy, I am Absolutely Smitten! I really hope she will have lots of fun with it for the next x amount of years!

  4. A simple but very beautiful dollhouse. Looks like the kids are really having fun with it. I never had an opportunity to play with a doll house when I was a kid because it was just too expensive for us back then but now, I won't neglect my daughter from having one. :)
    - DollhouseJunction.com


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