dinsdag 5 maart 2013

A pair of Vintage Hot Plates

Last week, when my mother in law came for a short babysitting visit, she handed me these two grape trivets. They were made by her mother in law, or Big Man's grandmother (Meme), as a gift.

Vintage! Squee!

After a bit of searching on the net it seems that these trivets were the rage in the 1950's. They are made with very thin cotton yarn and 22 bottlecaps. The patterns I have found online do not have the same leaves as on these hotpads so maybe it is worth to start investigating the hotpads and come up with a pattern!

I did find these links:
For my English readers here is a full pattern on Handmade by Mother with very fun commentary and over here is another full pattern.

For you Dutchies I could only find this picture and a short description.

If anyone recognizes these trivets and knows the origin, please inform me, I would love to know the pattern!

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