dinsdag 26 maart 2013

Designer Woes, Baker's Thrills and Fighting the Flu

The title says it all!

I was/am down with some kind of flu. Last week Little Man was sick, and now its my turn. And Little Ladies turn. Blegh.

I got some throatache on Sunday and started to feel cold and sore. Not good. So I stayed home from work yesterday.

Yesterday evening Little Lady started to throw up, felt warm, threw up in the middle of the night and this morning again. It is a cuddle day today.

So that is why it has been a bit quiet over here!

Although we were a bit out of routine and a bit messy, I could not help myself admiring the sky outside and take a few pics this morning.

I love stripey and flakey clouds, and the sun was already shining. So much better than the grey weather of past week, although it is still bitterly cold.

Last weekend Big Man and I were really working as a team so the house is quite clean and in order (sort of) and I finally could get some things done.

Such as working on the Moss Lace pattern....

You know, I could not have foreseen that patterns could be this difficult. In wording and in getting it all across to other people. So Moss Lace has been revisited again and hopefully it is all well now. It left me feeling a bit down, but Big Man cheered me up and said: "See it as a learning process". And yes, it teached me quite a few lessons.

 I also felt the urge to bake! It has been a while since I baked and I really wanted to try Cinnamon Rolls. I found this recipe to be the easiest and I combined it with the glazing of the Raspberry Swirl rolls. As always I did some tweaking of both recipes to make it lactosefree so I will try to make a recipe blog post tonight or tomorrow. They were absolutely divine....

Monday was a cuddly day because of the Flu bugs and today is a bit of the same. Little Lady and I nested on the couch, warm under the quilts.

I had a bit of crocheting done, had a bit of lunch (Little Lady is napping), typed two blogpost and right now I am going to take on some paper, glue and scissors to make a festive platter for Little Man's big Spring Breakfast at school. They all have to make a nice festive breakfast for a fellow student (read: their mommy/daddy has to make it :) ) and are going to eat it tomorrow morning at school. I am still working on it!

See you soon! And hopefully with a more yarn inspired blog post!

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  1. I love Cinnamon rolls and pictures of pretty cats on pretty quilts.

    1. Your comment made me laugh :) I will pass on the compliments to our dear Mies!


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