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Pattern: Pretty Bracelets

General information
This is the first pattern to accompany the crochet course “Learn to Crochet Simple Style” that I am posting on my blog. This pattern will whip up a pretty bracelet in no time. An instant gratification project to brighten up your outfit, or a cute present for a loved one. Mix and match with different colours and embellishements!

Skill level

-          This is an “any yarn, any gauge” pattern. Keep in mind that not every yarn will “behave” in this pattern. I strongly advice you to choose a yarn that is sturdy and not to stretchy and isn’t too thick.
-          You will learn to use the slip knot, chain stitch, slip stitch, reading patterns, fastening off and weaving in ends. You will also learn to use beads or buttons.

Ch st: chain stitch (yarn over hook, pull through)
Sl st: slip stitch (insert hook in stitch, yarn over hook, pull yarn through both stitch and loop on hook)

Finished measurement
The bracelet will have a custom fit.

Phildar crochet no. 3
Crochet hook size 2.5 mm

Darning needle


1)      Thread a bead onto the yarn.
2)      Make a slipknot, leave an end of approximately 6”.
3)      With the ch st, start making a beginning chain that fits once/twice/three times around your wrist with some ease. Keep in mind though, after finishing step 4 the bracelet will be a bit shorter, so experiment with the length of the beginning chain. It is okay to rip out your stitches!
4)      Make a few extra chain stitches that will form the button or bead hole. Make sure it goes over the bead or button snugly (I used 5 extra ch st to make a bead hole).
5)      Skip the ch st you made for the hole and in the following stitch start to sl st your way back to the beginning, stopping at the last stitch. Make each sl st in the bottom bump of the beginning chain.

Figure 1 Slide bead to hook

Figure 2 Insert hook in last stitch

6)      Before making the last sl st, slide the bead to your hook, insert hook into last stitch and make a sl st.
7)      Fasten off and weave in ends. Fasten off by cutting off the working yarn (leave about 6”) and pull the working yarn through the loop that is on the hook. Take a darning needle and thread the yarn through a couple of stitches on the inside of the bracelet.

Now you can do anything with beads or bangles and buttons with this basic bracelet. Instead of the one bead for the closure, make a bracelet with a pretty button for closure.
You can also string more beads onto the yarn and put a bead on the bracelet every two or three stitches (first picture).
Or put a pretty bangle somewhere in the middle of the bracelet (first picture).

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