maandag 4 maart 2013

Happy Bday!



Yesterday I became 32 years old. Yikes! I feel really old.

On Friday, the kids went both to a sleepove with my parents, so Big Man and I went out together, slept in on Saturday and did everything our weay during the rest of the day. Such bliss. Every once in a while we really need to do something with the two of us.

Sunday, being my birthday and being the last day of Spring Holidays, was a normal day. Just being lazy in the mornings, trying to catch up with household chores in the afternoon.

But with cake. You cannot "skip" a birthday without a cake!

This carrot cake is absolutely the best carrot cake I have ever tasted and this recipe is definately a keeper!
The recipe is over at Lucy's of Attic24: The Best Ever Carrot Cake
I warn you, this cake is light and fluffy and spongy. Not too sweet, just excellent taste! And the frosting tastes a bit sour because of the orange juice and rind in it. Beautiful combination of sweet and sour!

Today I am getting back to teaching. Just an hour today. Every week I am going to add a class up to what I can manage. I am excited about it, but also a bit reserved, because there is a chance I will hit a bit of a wall of what I can manage with working.

We'll wait and see!

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