vrijdag 15 maart 2013

Days of Cold Weather

I don't know what it is... With this cold weather I am always very tempted to bake something. Something warm and sweet to eat with a cup of tea or coffee.

I had this recipe for Autumn Apple Pie pinned on my Cooking Board for quite a while but had forgotten about it. You see, these double crust pies aren't common in the Netherlands. We are not used to these types of pie. Apple pie in the Netherlands is made with a very thick, crumbly sweet crust and frankly, I did not know if a double crust pie would be as good as our oldfashioned apple pie.

I was absolutely delighted by the result. I did do some research on the crust because it seemed that it would be quite a task to get it right. But with the help of Smitten Kitchen all went well. I used both her recipe for the crust and the method to get it all nicely rolled out and into the pan. I filled it with Breaburn apples, light brown sugar, lots of cinnamon and some leftover dried cranberries.

The pie was absolutely lovely!

This morning I went out for a nice, long and early walk. The weather was amazing, although it was quite cold while walking at the waterside. I absolutely adore the seagull pic. It is a happy accident pic I think! And this lovely Maine Coon I spotted on my way back. What a huge cat. But o my gosh, so beautiful.

Yesterday I went to see the company doctor and it seems I am a bit overenthusiastic about working. My body is protesting. I have had headaches for the last four days (hopefully it will stay away today!) so the doctor made a working scheme for me that is bit less enthusiastic. I really do want to see the kids and my colleagues at school, I want to be able to work, but the body says: "That is so not happening."
Next week I am going to do the same amount of hours I did this week and we will see what happens. I am still bummed about it, but I really need to listen to my body.

So today I am taking it easy, do some laundry folding and am going to read this book: The Gentle Art of Stitching by Jane Brocket. It caught my eye in the bookstore, and I think this is totally my style! I will let you take a peek into it the next time.

I hope you will have a great day and see you next time!


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  1. I hope you're feeling better now and that the headaches have eased. The body is very clever, it lets you know when it need to rest :)

    The book looks lovely, I'll look forward to seeing more posts about it. And the Maine Coon you saw is just beautiful :)

    Elisabeth x


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