zaterdag 2 maart 2013

Stashbusting in 2013!

O dear. The Stash. 
I have been using my stash for the last year, spending only a little bit on new yarn.
But the stash still haunts me. I want to work through it in 2013!
So when I saw the mention of the "Stash-buster Challenge 2013" on Petals to Picots I thought it would be fun.

I am in!

So here is my stash as of the end of February.

I have not weighed my actual projects yet but I am up to 14 kilos. Yikes.

My goal is to halve it during this year!

At the end of every month I will look at what I have used for a project and calculate the new weight of my stash.

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  1. Hi Barbara and welcome to the challenge. There is no actual button with link, just use the stash-buster picture on the top right of my blog :)

  2. I just pasted it to my side bar and made it a clickable link. I had to find out how it worked again :) Thank you for commenting!


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