vrijdag 13 juli 2012

What happened to Summer?

Last week it was perfect summery weather, do you remember? Lots of sun, working in the garden, enjoying outdoor playtime. Right now, it feels like we only had one week of summer and autumn has started already. No fun. It so reminds me of last year's summer. Rain, rain, rain. I really do hope this weather will stop soon, because having two kids at home and having no outdoor play time is no pleasure for them and no pleasure at all for me.

The plants in the garden are very happy I think with this weather, but since I did not have a chance to pull out the weeds before the rainy days started, the garden will be green in no time. Please, weather gods, make it stop? Just for a few days?

Today, as you can see, I did get some crafty/computer time. Little Lady wanted to go to bed, and when I got downstairs, Little Man cuddled on the couch with a book and fell asleep. I am sitting in a dead silent house. Even the cat is nodding off...

I am almost done with my next design! Only two motifs to go, and then I have to really think about how I will attach them together. It will be a challenge, because I have a method in my head and I do not know if it will work. I am excited!

Lastly, I am going to write down (as in now, since I have some uninterrupted computer time) an adaptation I made from Lucy's Circle Scarf. Hopefully, will have time to post it either today (ooo that is probably a bit too ambitious) or tomorrow (this is a bit more realistic I think).

Have fun today, do not curse on the weather too much!

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