zondag 1 juli 2012

Sunday Happy Things

Last weekend I was really stressed out from all the grading, sorting, calculating etc. The house looked like a mess and well, the kids were getting on my nerves. Luckily, Monday was the day I finally could let go of the stressed out feelings. The past week I felt a bit blah, tired.

The week was filled with grade meetings and most of my students passed this year.

The weather was also very nice. Lots of sun, sometimes a heavy shower, but after that always sunshine.

I sorted out papers at school, cleared out a closet, but at home the mess started piling up.

Yesterday evening I could not face it anymore so I had a bout of power decluttering on the ground floor (mostly toys everywhere in the room) and the childrens's room. Today I vacuumed the ground floor and folded most of the laundry that was waiting for me for about two weeks. I know.

It feels great to see a clean floor! That is happy thing no. 1.

Happy thing no. 2 was starting a new design. As you can see it really needs some modification since the swatch is not really turning out the way I want. It is cupping and widening to fast. So I need to adjust hooksize and a few things in the stitches. But I am happy with it. Some nice distraction from all the motif making (which I detest actually but I really really really like the results I am going to get).

Happy thing no. 3 was happening Friday night actually. Before I made my sleeping braid I asked Big Man to check if I was finally at classic. Well, he said I was there! So the mandatory picture was taken, and after that I, no, Big Man cut off an inch/two centimeters. It was really necessary.  But finally after so many years reaching this goal feels wonderful. I am going to stay at this length.

Happy thing no. 4 is the new shoot appearing on my orchid. I absolutely do not have green fingers, but the orchid and the plant next to it is my challenge to keep them alive as long as possible, and keep them blooming as long as possible. My main problem with plants is that I give them either too much water (and drown them or let them grow to many leaves) or too little water (and let them dry out). These two plants are here for about three months now and are doing great!

And Happy thing no. 5: Having a cup of "eikeltjeskoffie" or "acorn coffee" with foamed milk (I hope I translated that right, cannot seem to find another translation) with Little Man. Lovely way to connect with him. He really liked it and it was his first time with foamed milk.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Heel herkenbaar met de planten, alhoewel het mij zelfs niet lukt met orchidee├źn ;-) .

    Maar ik ben nu wel benieuwd naar de eikeltjeskoffie! Wat is dat precies?

  2. Het heet eikelcacao van Kraepelien en Holm's. Het zit in een wit/goud bedrukt busje en ik koop het bij de natuurvoedingswinkel. Echt heerlijk. Bevat geen cafeine of theeine. Superlekker met opgeschuimde melk! Het is een soort chocolademelk achtig iets maar je maakt het aan met water.


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