donderdag 26 juli 2012

Crochet Motifs In Glass

Do you recognize this? This is the plate I got from the thrift shop and use for the fruity snacks in this post. After washing it and holding it up against the light I thought it looked so much like a doily, with tiny crocheted motifs. I think it is absolutely pretty, but everywhere I look I see crocheted motifs: the garden, the back of the soy sauce bottle, printed paper, everywhere. I am looking forward to use this plate as an influence in my designs. So last week I went again to the thriftshop to see if there were more little glass juwels.

Little bowls were put in a bag, and got home with me!

Isn't it pretty? All these circles?

This one really looks like a flower motif.

This one is a beauty in my eye. Hopefully I can translate it to a crochet design...

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