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Learn to Crochet Tunisian Style: Pillow cushion cover

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Hi all,
This is the last lesson of the Tunisian Crochet course..... I hope you enjoyed it!
I am going to use some techniques from the previous lessons to show you how to make a flat project with one colour for the vertical bars and one colour for the background. This is a technique I haven't seen explained on the internet, so I thought it would be very helpful to put it out there!
Pick a colour A (vertical bars) and a colour B (background). You are going to work with the same hooks as for the "Knitted" cowl and hat, so pick some bulky yarn!


For this project you need to know how to use a double ended hook, how to do the Tunisian Simple Stitch and the Tunisian Reverse Stitch. Pay attention please! You are going to make a FLAT project with the double ended hook.

The pillow cushion cover will fit on a standard 40x40 cm cushion (15.7"x 15.7"). The project itself is with a bit negative ease, so your first row will measure 38 cm (15 inch).

I used three strands of dk yarn for in matching colours colour B and two strands of grey dk yarn for colour A. I used different colours for the back and the front. I used green hues for the front and blue/purple for the back.
You will need a double ended hook size 11.5 mm/P  and a normal crochet hook 10 mm

Chain 28 with colour A

Make a TSS row


Turn your work over, take colour B and pull through your first loop.

Make a return pass until you come to the last two loops

* Pick up your colour A , pull through the last two loops and make a TSS forward pass

Turn your work

Pick up colour B, pull through the last loop and make a return pass.

Stop at your last two loops, pick up colour A and pull through those two last loops.


Start a Tunisian Reverse Stitch forward pass


After finishing the forward pass, turn your work and pull colour B through the last st

Make a return pass until you have two loops left.

Pull colour A through those last two loops*

Repeat between ** until you have a square of approximately 38x38 cm or 15"x 15". Finish with a finishing row in Tunisian Simple Stitch.
Make another square and weave in ends. Place them with with wrong sides together Take colour A, attach it in a corner with a normal crochet hook (I used 10 mm) and make 3 single crochets in that corner stitch and 1 single crochet in each row end and stitch through both squares. In the top sides only crochet in the first four stitches through both squares (after the corner stitches), then only crochet in the front square, and when you come to the last four (five actually because in the last stitch you make 3 corner stitches) stitches of the top side, crochet through both squares. Now you have an opening. Make three single crochets in each corner. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Attach buttons, put in pillow and enjoy!

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  1. I love this pattern. I will start working on this right away. Thanks

  2. Went on line and got a set of 12 hooks of different sizes with the connected plastic cord off the back for under $5 + free shipping. Can't wait to start this.


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