vrijdag 17 januari 2014

Learn to Crochet Tunisian Style: A flat circle

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For today's tutorial I assume you have read both tutorials about increasing and Tunisian crochet in the round. Please make sure you have read it!

How to crochet a flat circle?

Once upon a time I made a hat with Tunisian crochet. Actually, I just improves the whole thing! I could not find a hat to my taste and Ravelry has very little on Tunisian projectes... And if there were Tunisian patterns they eventually needed sewing parts together (yugh) or you'd need to start at the brim with a whole lot of chain stitches (I actually find it still very difficult to not twist my stitches before joining them into a circle).
There was no pattern for starting a top-down hat.

And now there is!

I thought long and hard, studied my hat and came up with a way to make a top-down hat.

I now present you a little tutorial on making a flat circle as a start for a hat!

Make a slipknot

Ch 3, slip stitch in first ch to close the circle. Make 6 single crochets in the circle.

Insert your hook in the first stitch for your first Tunisian stitch, and insert your hook in between the stitch you just worked in (the first st) and the second stitch. The left arrow indicates the first single crochet and the right arrow indicates the spot in between stitches.

This is how it will look! You begin working your first round of real Tunisian stitches by working into the first loop of the round.

Want to practice? I made a hat to wear with my Chunky "Knitted" Cowl!

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