vrijdag 19 april 2013


I was happily crocheting away, attaching another African Flower Hexagon to my blanket, hoping to get a few more motifs attached when I noticed something odd...

My first row was "crumbling" away.... I could put all of my fingers through the hole!! Two groups were missing....

Wait. What?

I pulled out my attaching round and examined the whole thing, because this is a first to me! What went wrong here?

For some kind of reason I was absolutely not paying attention when making this hexagon as upon further investigation I saw a teeny tiny end to weave in at the end of the first row. What was I thinking when I wielded my scissors!

Then, in the back of my mind, I remembered vaguely a post in the old Crochet Corner Weekly on Ravelry, about repairing granny squares in one of the first rounds. The Crochet Corner is no longer here, so I just thought, let's give it a try.

I grabbed some stitch holders and put my second row flower leave stitches into it and ripped out the first row until I got some proper length of yarn for weaving in. Attached some new yarn and I started the repair.


I made a new group....

Tried to pull the yarn through one of the flower leave groups... O wait! I cannot pull the whole ball through. So I cut a length of yarn...

Got a tapestry needle and wiggled my chain stitch through all the stitches of the flower leave group and admired it. Rescued!

And then I saw the stitches of my second row falling apart..... I also cut that end way to short....

Final solution: ripp the whole thing apart and just make a new hexagon. Way, way better for the nerves, haha!

I had to look up the pattern, but I quickly got a nice new blue African Flower Hexagon.

Half an hour later, I was finally attaching the "same" flower to my growing blanket!

I really wanted to show you some progess, but I want to have a bit more substantial blanket, sorry! I am doing my "Two rows at the same time" approach for the first time (works a bit the same as my "join-two-as-you-go" tutorial) and it seems to be working, I will let you now in a few days if I am happy with this way of attaching.

I hope you all will have a lovely weekend!


P.S. Here are two links with a great tutorial on how to repair granny squares!  Part 1 and part 2.

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