dinsdag 2 april 2013

Easter Monday

I, no We, had such a lovely day yesterday. It was absolutely amazing...

Little Man started his first Scientific Experiment: put an egg into water and watch it hatch! It was a gift from his aunt and ofcourse it did not contain a chicken but a dinosaur. He was absolutely fascinated by the whole process. So much fun to hear his exclamations.

I made Kladdkaka, or "Kleddercake" in Dutch (the recipe is from Dutch food blog Cookie Cottage). It is a Swedish version of chocolate cake, but really easy and supercheap. You just make it from simple ingredients almost everyone has in their cupboards. So very yummy! And lactose free!

I went outside with Dear Little Mies. She loves it outside. She desperately wants to go outside when she is in the house, but when she is actually allowed, she is still a bit hesitant. But, she is quite relaxed outside. I am very tempted to take of the leash and see what she would do.

 More and more flowers are popping up. Some daffodils are showing their heads, and a little violet from last year surprised me. The crocussus are popping up in the back of the garden. Exciting!

We had a little family couch gathering, with freshly made popcorn. The kids had never seen how popcorn is made, so they were amazed by the popping sounds from the pan and how all the corn seeds puffed up.
We saw an incredible movie, "Up", I loved it.

The Sun came out in full force that afternoon and Rover was delighted and stayed outside the whole afternoon, relaxing in the warmth of the sun.

I made pancakes for dinner and since we were done very early we decided to go out to the playground

The whole family is in the picture. Such a great day. Absolute bliss. Hopefully there are more similar days coming!

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  1. Hi do you know where there is an English version of this cake please. I enjoyed looking at your pictures:-) Rowen@Coastal Colours

    1. Hi Rowen,
      As far as I know there is no English version....yet. If it is okay to write in metric I can pop it out real fast!

    2. Well Rowen, your wish is my command :) It is done!

  2. Thank you so much, I have just seen your latest post with the recipe :-) Rowen x


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