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Knitting and Crochet Blog week Day 4: Colour Review

What are your favourite colours for knitted or crocheted projects. Have a think about what colours you seem to favour when yarn shopping and crafting.

Only after writing this part of your post should you then actually look to see what colours you have used in your projects. Make a quick tally of what colours you have used in your projects over the past year and compare it to the colours you have written about. Compare this, in turn, to the colours that are most dominant in your yarn stash – do they correlate?

Now think back to your house animal - do the colours you have chosen relate to your animal in anyway - if you are in the house of peacock, for example, are your projects often multicoloured and bright?
 Source: Eskimimi Makes

On Tuesday, I shared my stash with you. And noticed two things: a) lots of different colours b) lots of purple!

Over the past year I made several very colourful projects, and not with a particular theme as it seems:

Here are the patterns I worked on for the last year, minus a few projects from other designers. I think this really represents what kind of colours I like.

Funny thing is, I made a kind of colourwheel with all of the shawls I made from the moment I started crocheting (the last 4 years), and I think it has the same colour distribution as the picture above and it reflects the colours in my stash.......

Here it is:

Lots of green, blue, purple and a smidge of yellow/orange! And my circle scarf as a pretty center.

I am such a sucker for muted colours as it seems. But again, lots of purple!! Totally true to the House of Bee :)

But definately a colour addict. And the best thing is, they all are a great combination with black/dark blue tops and shirts!

P.S.: Want to read more Knitting and Crochet Blog posts from other bloggers? Put the tag "4KCBWDAY4" in Google or another search engine and see what they are writing about! (this is only for day 4, I will update the tag everyday)

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