zondag 21 april 2013


This is how far along I am with my African Flower Hexagon Blanket. Almost "halfway".

On one hand I find it very annoying to work on it because it is going so slowly, and my arm is protesting a bit from all the acrylics, but on the other hand I love love love the combination of all the different colours I have used for the flowers.

I did two more on row 5 (and thus attaching row 4 and 6) and after that I am going to work from row 12 to row 8 because it is getting too big to manouver with joining two rows at the time. I cannot wait to finish this!

My mind is already wandering off to think about the border....

What am I going to do?
10 blanket 06
Courtesy of Polka Dot Cottage
Am I going to make the borders straight? Attaching half hexagons and making the chevron edges completely straight?

Courtesy of Sew I See, Gypsy Afghan
Or just a simple single crochet border?

Courtesy of Fantasy Landscape
Or I could make a multicoloured border with dc's like this granny hexagon blanket. It looks awesome.

Decisions, decisions....

Maybe I first have to wait and see how much yarn I have left! 
Part of what I am using can be bought on a whim since it is a standard yarn, but part of it is a yarn that is discontinued...

What do you think? What would look great?

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  1. It's looking very good, love all the flower colours. I like the rows of colours for a border, keeping the shaped edge. Rowen@Coastal Colours x

    1. I definately lean more to that option yes...

  2. It already looks amazing and you can't go wrong with whatever border you choose.

  3. It is looking amazing! All of those colors are amazing. I agree with Christine, you cant go wrong whatever you decide for the border. You've got an adorable 'quality control inspector' there checking out the progress :) x

    1. I don't know what it is with kitties, but they always want to sit with their butt on everything I am working with. Things on the ground, such as fabric or yarny items, are kitty magnets!

  4. Your blanket is gorgeous. Of I could I'd have soapy blankets on the go, I find them all so inspiring.

    1. Hi Katharine, thank you! I am having a bit of a second language problem though and I tried to Google it, but could you please explain what you mean by "soapy blankets"? Are they baby size blankets (that is the only hint I could find in Google)?


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