zondag 21 april 2013

Forget Amsterdam....

Meet my lovely "hometown", the town I always long for: the city of Leiden...


Rapenburg (with Leiden University main building, look for the tower)

Oude Rijn

Leiden Fortress entrance (de Burcht)

Saturday market, view over Oude Rijn
Mill at Galgewater

City Hall of Leiden

Yesterday I went on a small trip with my best friend. We both come from a small village next to Leiden, Leiderdorp and we always meet up in our beloved city.

Leiden is a city in the west of the Netherlands, about half an hour drive from Amsterdam. It has the same characteristics but it is much smaller and cozier.

Leiden as seen in Google Maps

Leiden has a small shopping center, some lovely canals to stroll along, small city gardens known as "hofjes" and lots and lots of small cafe's and terasses.

It was absolutely amazing weather as you can see, so my friend and I put ourselves into a chair on a boat terras and had some lovely time together.

Looks great right?

I just love Leiden. After lunch we went to some small thrift and second hand clothing shops, looking at the colourful, unique clothing.

Lots and lots and lots of talking to catch up with eachothers lives...

It was an amazing afternoon.

Leiden is the city we grew up with as teenagers and as adolescents/adults. I went to university here, lived in a students flat here, met Big Man here and we lived together for a few years right in the center of Leiden. We got married at the City Hall pictured above!

I really hope I will get back soon to visit Leiden, looking at all the familiar views.....

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  1. Amsterdam just isn't great, the cities in South-Holland are múch better! ;)


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