dinsdag 11 maart 2014

Thinking of Holland...

Lighthouse village on the Dutch island of Texel, Northern Holland.  (Highland cattle grazing in the Dunes of Texel next to the lighthouse of Texel)
Lighthouse on Texel, Ben @ Flickr
Thinking about my favorite island...

ice skating:netherlands - yep, used to do this over there with my cousins, with strap on skates!

Another winter with no Elfstedentocht....
In the middle of reading The Fault in Our Stars and I'm a little obsessed with Amsterdam right now.
Our lovely Amsterdam, the city I was born in...
Leiden, Holland by oooh.oooh on Flickr.
fabulousplaces on Tumblr
Leiden, the city I went to university and where I ran into my hubby....
Windmill at Kinderdijk, Holland. By Dollia Sheombar.
Windmills and rainy grey skies...
This is what the flowerfields in Holland look like in spring, it amazes me every year

And it's almost the time of the year to view all the tulips in bloom!

Have a great evening!


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  1. It looks so beautiful there. I really thought the last photograph was a painting! The Tulips look absolutely spectacular.


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