zaterdag 14 september 2013

Weekend plans and my favorite things!

Life is gone hectic again, but in a good way.

I was exhausted last night after my first full week filled with teaching, bringing and picking up Little Man at school and trying to squeeze in some time for prepping lessons, helping out my pattern testers and a little bit of cleaning!
You can imagine how I felt last night!
And after almost a week of no running because of the pouring rain, it finally stopped yesterday evening! So I also went for a run. I almost stumbled over my own feet at the end of my run.....
I was tired both mentally and physically when I climbed into bed.
This weekend is a weekend of both relaxation and family time (we are going to the Efteling tomorrow) and trying to catch up with blog life and my hard working pattern testers! I had absolutely no idea testing a pattern would be this intense, but I am learning a lot and I hope with all my heart to have a superb pattern in a few weeks.

On another note, I got new glasses!


I am so so happy with my new pretty! I got some serious headaches during the last week of summer vacation and I decided to make a trip to the opticien. After some measuring my new glasses didn't match my old glasses at all!! I already thought my eye sight was getting worse, but now it was confirmed. After having black glasses I decided to pick a light colourful new one. I am so happy with all the colours in this one! 

I am also still sorting out stuff. Here and there little piles are lying around the house, with stuff I either want to throw away or want to sell. I only need some time to put everything on Marktplaats (Dutch version of Craigslist)!

I sorted out my books:

And I sorted out my hooks:

And finally put everything into my thrifted camera bag. Everything is neat! But this is after, here is before!:

A Dutch lady and fellow crocheter I like asked for a picture after I mentioned I probably had more hooks in my possession than she had in her picture. She needed proof :)
All of my favorites are in there: Tulip Etimo, Clover Amour and Soft Touch, my japanese hooks, my Tunisian hooks..... I am glad I took the time to make a nice picture of my favorite tools!

And since I was busy anyway I decided to pick my favorite yarns (at the moment):


These are the brands I am working with the most during the last year: Wibra Saskia ( a cheap sturdy acrylic comparable to Red Heart Super Saver), Wibra Nova (a lovely cheap dk cotton), my beloved Phildar No 3 I used in quite some projects such as the Rosetta, and my favorite sock yarn I almost always use for my shawls: Regia Sock yarn!

Both yarns and hooks make my crochet life very very happy!

So, what are your favorites?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Take some rest. The pattern is going to be great. Happy hooking anyway! Regula

    1. Thanks Regula, that is so kind of you to say :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Busy bee!!!! Take a deep breath sometimes, when you can!!!!!
    love your new glasses and I like the pic with all your hooks!!!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

    1. Hi Ale,
      I will definately urge myself to breathe :) Thank you for your compliments!


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